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B.F.A from Ohio Wesleyan University

M.F.A. from Pratt Institute.

Max was born in Kansas, grew up in Mount Vernon, NY and has been a visual artist his entire adult life. He has lived on the west coast for over 40 years. He has been married to Susan for over 36 years and they have one adult married daughter who lives near them in Santa Barbara, CA.

Every artist's responsibility is to say something no one has ever said before, even if the subject matter or the medium has been used a thousand times by a million different people. If every person is a unique individual, then they would have to have a slightly different take on the world from anyone else. Find joy in seeing each person as someone who is totally their own person.

The challenge of filling a large wall means the viewer is more likely to be drawn into your world, and you have an opportunity to say more. The down side to this is that if your wall doesn't find a home, you either end up trashing the piece or give up a lot of space to store it.

Working on large wall panels allows you to think big. Someone told me once that if you work big, you have the luxury of making big mistakes.

Welding is magic, and the chance to do magic working with fire. How male can you get?

The use of welding rod to create line means you are allowed to look through the work. This makes whatever you make three dimensional and an eye game that brings me a certain satisfaction. The visual artist is dealing with the eye and asking the viewer to go with him into his world. It's the viewer's choice whether to take that trip.